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What is MAPS?


MAPS stands for Minneapolis Autism Parent Support group. MAPS is a parent-run group for parents or guardians of children on the autism spectrum in Minneapolis. Parents of children of any age (early childhood through adult) are welcome to attend MAPS meetings. The goal of MAPS is to bring together parents to:

  • provide mutual support and share information;
  • help each other access resources in our schools and communities; and
  • help each other develop skills and knowledge to advocate for our children.

How does MAPS work?

MAPS meets once or twice a month during the school year. Some meetings are held during the school day, while others are weekday evenings (Monday-Thursday) from 7:00-9:00 p.m. We typically meet at Common Roots Café in Minneapolis (2558 Lyndale Ave. S.) in the quiet, private meeting room at the back of the café. Some meetings are “open topic,” which means the entire meeting is used for sharing successes and challenges, as well as parent-to-parent Q&A. Other meetings have guest speakers on specific topics. There is no cost to attending MAPS meetings, and absolutely no obligation to purchase food or drink at the café.

For specific information about upcoming meetings, please email the MAPS Coordinator at

Facebook Support Groups

Sometimes, we know it's just not possible to make it to in-person support groups. Facebook has numerous groups for parents of children on the autism spectrum (or children with special needs, more generally) to connect and provide mutual support and information. Here are a few groups you might want to check out if you are looking for online support:

Información sobre MAPS en español

MAPS es un grupo de apoyo mutuo para los padres de estudiantes con trastornos del espectro autista (autismo) en la ciudad de Minneapolis. Los padres interesados pueden conectarse con el grupo por correo electrónico mandando un mensaje a o buscando el grupo Autismo en Minneapolis en Facebook.